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 Posted: Tue May 28th, 2013 09:00 pm
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Stapies wrote:
Many people freeze fish like that. Hol, long, poeph0l, en tong... From tuna to kob. I personally dont like it and rather spend the time filleting(if pan fish) and cleaning my fish and then I vacuum seal and freeze.

For a good result I salt the fillet with "growwe sout"(something i put on most fish i braai)and leave it on the fillet for half an hour, then rinse the fillet and vacuum seal... This prevents meat from going pap... Before cooking I wind dry and the result is nice fresh fish...

But unfortunately it still doesnt beat a fresh fish and still doesnt taste like a same day vissie...

Somewhat off the topic of freezing, which is quite applicable to any fish...

My 2 cents learnt after many years spent fishing deep ocean...Never ever (after filleting) allow water onto clean filleted meat! One can however allow water or the use of a rag/cloth onto the stomach, which has a membrane or 'skin'....mmm pls dont throw the stomach away, this is the tastiest part of any fish.
The water washed over the stomach area, has not penetrated onto the flesh of the fish! the filleted fish dirty? Did you dirty it by filleting it?

Why no water?....Well you are washing all the natural fish oil off the flesh and in fact removing the taste!