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 Posted: Mon Apr 22nd, 2013 12:44 pm
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fishalitis wrote: its not a crime.

Everyone can make up his own mind.

Its childish to expect the next man to do the same as you would.

Thanks fishalitis for your post -  with respect, however, I do wish to reply.....

I am 50% as much a fisherman as I am a bushveld meat hunter. I'd  rather lower my rifle when a trophy Gemsbok / Kudu / Impala comes my way and just enjoy the view, not even mentioning rhino/elephant passing my way - I make up my own mind, if I can afford it or not.  I have been to enough hunting farms in the last 30 years  where game has been decimated to such a point where advertising your available game stock to keep your numbers in check for hunts are rediculous. Same thing as fishing - promise you success, pay your daily fees, go home empty handed.

My point is, as a sport fisherman / hunter, I envy everybody that has an oppurtunity to land these truly magnificent beasts, be it a shark or billfish - they can be released. Rhino / elephant / lion can not be released when targeted with a Martini Henry 450!

But, I might be killing myself with this re-post, by saying: most people blame the government, previous or current for the the current protection of species.

It ends up with hunter / fisherman making a decision - kill it, enjoy it per view or catch and release. I do not have kids, but damn, I would like to land a big one in 40 years time.


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