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 Posted: Thu Feb 7th, 2013 11:43 am
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Stefan Engelbrecht wrote:
Geeeez!!!I haven't seen such a thorough post in a long time! Well done Flippy!

That Ultima Red Ice is pretty good line too!

@ Otto - of all the things regarding saltwater the MOST important thing is are the fish actually there. Many anglers make it sound like for etc the cob are constantly biting in Dec in False Bay when in reality fish appear and disappear. Even the more experienced guys blank solid from time to time. So the best advice I can give you is find out what exactly is happening in that area, what bait (quality especially important) are they preferring and what type of structure (on the sandbank, in the gully etc). Those 3 things catch fish. Yes you need all the tackle and the gear but too many anglers look the part but don't even get a pull. So in short you need a person who can guide you...
t(((up((Now here I gotta agree!!..Are the fish actually there when you are there???...You can have all the best kit money can buy!!!...BUT...are the fish there ??....Buy one all round rod reel, line , some sinkers good fresh bait , find some friendly fisherman who knows the chosen area and GO FISH!!!!!....Well said Stefan!!!...Joker or not...I've been there done that!!!