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 Posted: Wed Feb 6th, 2013 08:44 am
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Thank you for all the replies and advice. Great post Flippy!

During the Dec holidays I was in Moz, more specific Molangane, took along an old 4.5m Okuma Demon rod, huge Abu Garcia coffe grinder spooled with Berkley 11 kg Nanoline, a couple of spoons, 7" swimbaits and chisel nose poppers. I was casting an average of 120m - 140m (measured throws on the beach) everyday for 10 days, early morning and late afternoon. My forefinger and middle fingers took a beating, I had 3 hits but no on's, most frustrating. One afternoon I walked past a guy who said he was a resident at the resort and had watched me for a couple of days and had never seen me with a fish, he liked my enthusiasm and suggested the next time I come down I should bring the normal sards and chokka along and I would definately hook into something, Artlure he said was something he knew little about. Hence the reason for my post. I want to understand the R & S aspect a lot better, specifically using baits. I would prefer going for eds but fish is fish when you are a Vaalie :-)