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 Posted: Tue Dec 18th, 2012 01:37 pm
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We all immediately knew that this would smash his previous PB of 11.5kg. Vian could not believe what he had just accomplished...this creature was actually taller than him- a tall boy for a 7 year old. Strangely enough this specimen also gave new meaning to the term “Sharptooth Catfish” and I’m convinced it had longer and sharper teeth than any other big barbel I’ve handled before, and I made sure it doesn’t suddenly start swinging on my thumb and shred my hand to pieces...It was time to capture these memories on my camera after a decent round of “high fives” all round. It is then when sanity suddenly kicked in and Vian realised he was still in his pyjamas...I told him that there was no time to go change now and seeing that he landed the fish in his “jamies” he would also pose in his “jamies” 12:00 or not...

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