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 Posted: Tue Dec 18th, 2012 01:18 pm
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At 18:55 I realised that the gate might close at 19:00. I ask my son to search the phone’s contact list for Koppiesdam and that we have to phone and enquire. My son was elated when the gate keeper said that the gate only closes at 21:00. So we relax for the remainder of our journey. My son asks a lot of questions about combinations he would like to try from his new muti box and I remind him that our mission is to catch a record Barbel of some sort to which he replied...”No bait...No Barbel...”

We arrived at the gate after slipping and sliding our way along the last couple of kilometres on the very wet dirt road in the rain. I fill in the papers and we head towards the spot my brother Dominique was waiting at. Vian sits in the car while I unpack in the rain, my initial priority being the Trailer Tent and setting my son’s bed for the night etc. A quick hotdog to fill the gap and Vian went to sleep. Dominique and I worked another hour or so to get everything perfect and after a glitch or two with his bait boat, we eventually manage to get all the baits out. The rain never really subsided and my Frog Toggs rain suit came in very handy. Barbel rods were initially set with some day old chickens which were purchased in a frozen form- not my first choice of bait on any day...but the mission had to start somewhere...I had my wireless receiver in my tent so I would not miss a beep of one of the barbel alarms. I slept with one eye open waiting for it to happen that Friday night, but it never happened.