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 Posted: Fri Dec 14th, 2012 05:57 pm
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jock0 wrote:
Fishing Adventures wrote: TUESDAY 04-12-2012

We had a late start yesterday and only got going just after 05h00; the sea was flat with the slightest of a SW breeze. I ran about 20km or so out and then dropped lines, the water was greenish and coldish and then eventually when about 30km out I found some crystal clear cobalt blue water with a temperature of 23.5deg.C
We packed away the 50’s and brought out the 80’s and decided to see if we could find a Marlin. No luck with a getting a bill into the spread but we got some nice Dorado.

Same guys

Believe it or not I bumped into these guys in Victoria falls just before they went to Durban - that camo suit is unmistakable :) From Kazakhstan, surname is "Tox......"?

I reckon they had a great time out though as they battled for tiger and bream on the Zambezi so it's nice to see they got some good Dorado.