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 Posted: Fri May 11th, 2007 06:11 pm
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No off cause boet I agree, also don't forget the POTHOLE ridden roads, how are we going to get new pothole filled roads if there aren't any taxes being paid, oh and everyone's favorite, wait, wait ...............................yes THE TOLLGATE, hehehe

R90 million for a wall in a country without crime, don't you think it's a little uhm, uhm no what am I thinking it's not rediculous and it's not underlining the fact that crime in SA is out of control, must be the sarmy I had for lunch thats affecting my thought paterns.....

Yeah, wish there was some sort of medium where we could say enough is enough, Do something now or we won't pay taxes until such time, with the desired result that is expected.

But listen, We can do something, you know, if every south african just does his or her little like not buying counterfeit goods, reports a crime and if the police service gets to do their jobs for pride again well then SA will be the MOST BEAUTIFUL Country that it is.......