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 Posted: Thu Nov 1st, 2012 09:45 am
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Great post. Thanks for the info. I will definitely make up a few of these to put out when the toothys are around.

Just 2 comments.

I was testing out an assist knot recently that I had tied using a 10/0 hoodlum. I hooked the hoodlum over my burglar bars and pulled on the assist using some braided rope. I was truly shocked at how easily the hook opened. I tried again with another hoodlum and had the same result. I then switched over to a JM hook and there was almost no movement in the gape with similar tension. It could be that I have a crap batch of Hoodlums, but for safety sake, I know what I'll be using when I make up a few of these assists.

Also, I've been wondering about the use of heat shrink over metal. It's a perfect environment for corrosion to develop, despite your best rinsing efforts. I first noticed it when I used heat shrink for my baker rigs. I have since cut off all the heat shrink that I had on my tackle. Even still, when I return from a trip, I undo all my kevlar assists, rinse them, dry them then retie.

My R0.02