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 Posted: Tue Sep 18th, 2012 12:05 pm
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Cable ties (can double for many purposes including reel grips), strong fabric tape, rubber bands, first aid kit, torch with spare batteries if required, sunglasses, camera and charger / batteries, wide brimmed hat, baseball cap, large handkerchief, leatherman (pack in main luggage as it won’t get past security), mozzie spray, suncream, lip ice, WD40, lightweight sungloves (or jigging gloves if required), toiletries (use biodegradable citronella soap if in the bush).
For the first aid kit, I take various sizes of plasters, antiseptic cream, sterile dressings, gauze bandage, broad spectrum antibiotic, paracetamol tablets, voltaren tablets, antihistamine tablets, sterile swabs, curved sewing needle and thread and a syringe with a sterile needle. It may seem overkill but in some areas it is better to treat yourself rather than rely upon a local clinic.

Don’t waste valuable weight by taking too many clothes. Travel in one set of longs, (long fishing pants, wading shoes / takkies, t-shirt, long shirt, raincoat. Pack one other pair of longs for evening, one other long sleeve shirt, 2 short sleeve fishing shirts (or longs if you value your skin), one pair of fishing shorts, one pair of baggies and a t shirt. Having had malaria I am quite careful about covering up at night and hence take socks as well. A few pairs of jocks and you are done. Apart from the shoes you are travelling in, a pair of boat shoes / deck shoes and slops should complete the kit.
Carry on bag.
As well as your travel documents, this should take your spare fishing kit, a change of clothes and your camera. A good idea is to use a day type rucksack as it can double up to use as your fishing bag. Make sure you buy one with a waterproof cover and a nice to have is a hydration bladder – particularly if you are doing long walks. This one suits the bill – A Meru 25.

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